Grass Free

Grass Free for Blender Cycles is Here!


A month ago, we were thinking about the other thing that could be useful for people, a Grass Pack. About all the month of April we were concentrated a lot on the new project, and we planned to set it Free because we thought people need essential things for Free. This Pack of 3D Grass was done to get most low poly models as possible, but using realistic materials. We compared it with Grass Essentials and we were happy that Grass Free was about 3x faster in Rendering time. This was amazing! So people now have all the Types they want, for faster renderings and for Free :wink: this is how Grass Free was born. Because our goal is: "Blender is Free, so essential things must be setted Free "


Not tried, but I definitely will. Kinda bummed now that I bought Andrew Price’s pack. :frowning:

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thanks very much for sharing!!! Highly generous of you :smiley:

Gonna post some test renders up on here, hopefully by tonight or tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Very nice - Im just playing with it now. You are a credit to the Blender open source community.

VERY beautiful. Especially the skies. I see all of this is for rendering, as opposed to real-time, so I won’t be able to use them. Just wanted let you know I think it’s great work. How about some similar work for the GE?

Hi 3dmedieval :), sorry but we make only Cycles things, not Game Engine. But you can do the same project for it :wink:

Quick test, Nothing fancy. Just a few particle systems on a plane. 1 sun lamp and HDR world lighting. :slight_smile:

Really like this pack, it produced great results straight out the box! Nice Work! looking forward to making an actual project with these at some point, they would be great for filling out garden vegetation for arch-vis exterior renders! :smiley:

Thanks a ton for sharing this, will save me a bunch of time in the future.


Looks really good, I’ll give it a try when I am at home and post the result here :slight_smile:

One thing i would mention though,

In all the particle settings, you have rotation enabled and set to hair velocity with a high rotation factor, This causes some of your grass/weeds to appear sideways and even nearly upside down sometimes. This can be fixed by setting the rotation to “Object Z” This ensures all vegetation grows upwards, then adding minor random rotation (about 0.030 - 0.050) and z rotation of about 1.8 to give it some realistic variation :slight_smile:

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This is so, so awesome, I really want to use it in one of my next projects now! Thanks for making this!

Big thanks, macio. I appreciate all the time you’ve put into this project. And sharing it with the community is very generous of you!

This is just great! Thank you!

Has anyone tried changing the distribution using the particle texture? Doesn’t seem to work for me. You get these empty “rivers” through the grass and I was just trying to fix.

NVM - fixed it! It wasn’t the texture (that was set to zero influence). It was the particle children “clump” was set to -0.1. Setting to zero evens everything out.

this looks awesome. Thanks a lot!

Awesome, i dont do much render with grass, exterior, but it happend time to time, so having a free quality “addon” like this is really an excellent thing for me ( i dont want forcibly pay hundreds of dollars for addon that i use one time a year ).
Quick, easy to setup and with high quality result.

Thank you so much, looks wonderful!

Another thing :slight_smile:

Your “Centipede” particle settings are actually called “KentuckyBlue.001”.
Easy mistake to make!! i name things wrong ALL the time lol :slight_smile:

oh god… thank you for reporting the mistake :open_mouth:
corrected :), thank you Jamie B
Hey all… insert your renders here

Thanks for sharing your work, Macio! Looks great!

As usual, thanks macio!
Here I just experimenting about how to make that kind of crop circles: