any free models anywhere for Blender?

(BlendedMind) #1

(is this any better???) lol well by the subject does anyone know where i can like free body models and usch for Blender?

(Ecks) #2

There are not alot of .blend model on the net but you can download “accutrans 3d” (a program that convert alot of format to .dxf or vrml, those can be open with blender). Just search on the web : .3ds free model and you will find alot of site or go at :

(Abavagada) #3

If you can get a conversion program, you can try someplace like, and download some of those and convert to dxf, which Blender will accept. If you are using windows, 3DWin is a good converter.

Currently, I am trying to get more people to post their own Blender models online to share with others here:

(A2597) #4

lots of sci-fi models I’ve converted.
(Got some more to upload soon)

(BlendedMind) #5

thanx guy’s