Any Free resources for underwater HDRI's?

Hi, I am modeling a little submarine and when I add models to a scene I usually use
HDRI’s from like HDRI-haven or something like that. I have had problems finding any sources for this.
All that I find in places where you need to pay for them. I am even considering doing that.
But the sources there are slim too, I could find was this:
I looked at the free hdri they had and it looks decent enough but who knows.
Does anyone have any information around this it’s greatly appreciated?
Mats (pixeltumbler)

This is an interesting question. It’s probably easier to find a 3D underwater scene and then render your own hdri from it.

Yes, but that my friend is a project in itself.
But Its a good Idea none the less. Might just add this for my list of things todo.
However for my sub-render,
I think Ill see what I can find in the way of HDRI’s.

there are old tut on how to do underwater scene
search web

you can simulate fake caustic with a texture on a lamp

happy bl

Problem here is that HDRI are sampled from infinitely far away. In an underwater scene, that would be black due to absorption :smiley: If that is an ROV, it would likely be so deep there wouldn’t be any surroundings to it except close objects. Otherwise, divers would probably be used for the job. Considering I’m seeing the sun and pool walls rather than snells window reflected, it indicates it sits just in a pool. Those would go away at great depths or murkier waters.

Even if you were to make a simple underwater scene and created your own HDRI from that, I doubt it would “sell the effect”. Probably better off rendering out the underwater scene separately and combining them in post. You know, fog and particles, similar to the classroom benchmark.

Also consider that colors behave in a particular fashion under water. Might want to research on that, and comp those kinds of color corrections in as well if going for realism.

yep I found some tutorials, seems promising.

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Yeah I think its hard to do something that is strictly realistic in this case,
without it being to dark, I do want to show of the model I made and not just
its headlights. So I think I need to go with an “artistic” take on this.
But even if I go for that I will definitly look into how colors behave under water,
seems very intresting.

So I ended up doing a more artsy cartoony style rendering,
partly becouse of denoise. Not really realistic but it looks OK.