Any good communities for moviemaking?

My project to use Blender to make movies is moving forward, the third draft now almost 20 minutes and halfway done. My thoughts are drifting to the fourth draft, which is going to contain not just better (one might even say, borderline dignified) animation, but also an improved script and better cinematography. Problem is, I no longer have my script writer and cinematography wizkid at hand (thank you, Covid-19…), so I need to start learning this stuff, and learn hard! I have some material to learn from, but I need a good community to discuss things with, on the non-technical aspects. Or multiple communities, for different subjects. Anyone got suggestions??

Not quite sure what you’re asking. Are you looking for screenwriter groups? Or for animation groups? Or Directing groups? Can you be more specific as to what you’re trying to accomplish and what you need help with?

There are quite a few filmmaking subreddits on Reddit which may be helpful.

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Sorry, mainly screenwriting andcinematography, I think!

I never got good at Reddit, can they be linked here, for an easy start?

There is a lot to unpack here…but let me try:

Screenwriting - That’s a whole art by itself. There are some good Facebook groups that you can search for. Ultimately the best advice that I can give you if you’re serious about screenwriting and you want to get decent at it is to listen to this podcast:

Trust me, it will give you more useful information about how to get your screenwriting skills up than any subreddit or Facebook group could ever do.

If you need some feedback, I am always willing to read your current screenplay and offer some.

Regarding Cinematography, the best advice I can offer is that you buy yourself a DSLR and some lenses and go out and shoot stuff. It’s really the only way to learn. You can watch tons of YouTube cinematography tutorials, and discuss techniques online; but ultimately you will never gain the same understanding that a hands-on approach will give you.

Once again, I’m available to give you some feedback if you want to show me some footage you shot.

If you’re wondering – great, but who the hell are you? I’m just a filmmaker/cg artist like you who has done a lot of shooting and scriptwriting If you want to see some of my work:

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Try joining Indie Talk.

There are forums there for everything filmmaking.

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