Any help will be handy

(aiad masri) #1

my name is aiad masri , 43 years old
i want to enter the video games making industry ,
i have done a simple 2d game as a test and now want to make another one that will be a paid game , it will be a 2d game but i need some short 3d movies for the story board so i need help to model 3 characters and then animate them in short scenes , vampire anime male and female , werewolf , vampire castle with rooms ,
i’ll make the scenes simple to save time so it will not be so hard ,
the game will be good ,
this is my e-mail : [email protected]
skype : eyad.masri7

thank you :slight_smile:

(anas) #2

what kind of artstyle are you looking for ?!

(Benedicts Forester) #3

Allrigh, what kind of style do you want? Low-poly, realistic, cartoony, vector-ish, stylised?
Allso if you can give a glimpse of the idea behind the game (a part of story, genre (horror, fps, exploration ect), multiplayer or not) that would help too. I personaly do detalised low-poly stuff, here are very few of my works:
If you are not interested in low-poly I think you should still give some details so others can understand if this job is for them or not.

(aiad masri) #4


do you have skype or whatsapp ?