Any idea about an horror game?

Hi guys, have you any kind of idea for an horror game concept? :slight_smile: thanks!

I`m making a zombie survival game, check it out.
Chaos Emergency

already seen it, you’re doing a nice work, i need something more like outlast or so… thank you any way :wink:

Two thumbs up

A while ago I thought about making one but I abandoned the idea due to my abysmal 3d modeling skill. Anyways, here’s the story. You enter the game as a prisoner in the interrogation room of a military facility, fully lit for sleep deprivation. Of course there’s no one around and the door of your cell happens to be opened. Again, everything around is perfectly lit, in fact very bright and white. Splats of blood everywhere but no sign of bodies or monsters.
What happens is that there are creatures that emerge from any deep black shadow that might form in the game. When a light goes off, there you see these slimy creatures coming out of the ground.
They basically killed everyone and the player must find a way out of the building or stop them somehow. Of course the player fights them with light but I never thought about how, when or what should happen (where do the monsters come from, what’s their plan, what’s the ultimate goal, things like that).
What I was really trying to design was a horror game in an environment that was almost everywhere in full light instead of being poorly lit as the canon demands. And I would never play such a game because I’m basically a pussy, I couldn’t even finish the first alien vs predator game because I was too scared of the aliens :D.

Why do you need blood to create horror? Is that your greatest nightmare? To me blood might be disgusting … that is all.

I think it is more horror if you give the player the feeling of danger. Give him the experience that he looses something important, so he needs to learn to continue the game.

Well, I do find blood frightening. Don’t ask me why but I can really faint when I see it. It is not my greatest fear though, believe it or not, this one is:


Geez, I go completely crazy when I see those things, even the images give me the goosebumps.

In that case … blood flooded games are horror to you :D.

Eh eh, yeah, a shipwreck in a lake of blood, that’s my nemesis! We’re strange creatures…

Throw a bunch of trees on a plane, scatter some notes, add a cube that chases the player.
Instant success.

All you need is a godlike soundtrack.