Any idea how this is done with Fluid particles?

Somehow, his settings are such that the fluid particles actually don’t intersect fully and I have played around with all the settings and get nothing like this. Any ideas? I’ve googled the heck out of it!

The Youtube channel says the sims are done in SolidWorks, not in Blender.

He says it was modeled in solidworks, simulation in blender.

Ah, sorry, my mistake. Somehow I took it the other way round, because it would have made sense.

Looking at a few more of the vids, I suspect both the fluid and the particles are rendered. Probably on different render layers and then used some trickery in the compositor to make the particles show in this way.

Looking like particles like in video, you could use molecular addon. Here for Blender 2.8:

Or by simulating it as a fluid with particles system, you research about how to emulate fluids with Metaball.

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