Any idea to improve my Walking cycle?

Hi everyone!

I’m stuck trying to add a walking cycle to my character. I think it’s almost done, but I don’t know what to do in order to make feel it less robotic.

In the attached blend file, the action is named “Walk”.

Thank you.


Player.blend (1.18 MB)

Your walk cycle is bit stiff. Add hip / shoulder tilt as shown in these reference:

There;s a little jerk of the elbow that’s unsettling - maybe because the arm does not move from 32 to 1. There’s a little jerk of the leg as well - maybe from contact with the ground but one would expect the whole figure to sink a little at that point… but it’s a very nice job with a very simple mesh.

Offtopic: @Ridix, in the video - her right arm is injured, don’t you think! I would have to go with a diagnosis of encapsulitis at the very least. She needs to see a doctor.:eek:

You have the hips and shoulders moving in the same direction together when viewed from above. They should be rotating counter to each other. They also have no rotation when viewed from the front.

Here’s a page that explains it. Look at the pics at lower right. You can see the hips and shoulders rotating in opposite directions to each other.

Here’s the full article by George Maestri. It’s worth a read.

Steve S