Any idea why 2.8+ selection ( verts, edges, faces ) is this slow?

Hi :slight_smile:

Since i play with 2.9.1 o noticed an obvious burden in verts selection. And the more vertices in the mesh, the slower is the selection…

Any idea for the reason of this ?

On a plane subdived by 200 all seems okay… but on my meshes ( having say… 3000 verts ) it’s daaaaaamn slow ! and i don’t know why…

Did anyone exprience those kind of sloth ?

Happy blending !

EDIT: my cpu is a ryzen7. Okay i know how to kneel it and it’s certainly not vert selection that can do it :stuck_out_tongue:

I reply to myself as something is going strange :confused:

I just opened the same file on another cvomputer ( maybe all textures are not found ) and the C-KEY selection tool works fast and fine 8-o

Just like if blender slows down after several hours of running…
looks quite strange :confused:

Happy blending !

Okay. i reply again to myself as i found what was going wrong, and this might be, though it’s not a bug, some kind of malfunction…

When i got this:

vertex selection ( one by one or with the C-KEY ) is extremely slow.

When i got this:

vertex selection is absolutely fluent and works fast and fine !

You will note the difference between the 2 images formats in the UV editor.
The 1st one ( slow ) is RGB float and the second one is RGB byte.
It seems like when selecting vertex ( wich are drawn in the UV editor containing the image ) the whole image is fully redrawn ( wich takes lot of time as it’s floats ). I guess it works the same with the 2nd image but i guess RGB bytes are faster to draw than RGB floats.

So the malfunction question comes with the full image redraw when a vert of the mesh is selected.
Couldn’t it be left as is ?

Latest info when the image in the 1st screenshot is zoomed enough, vertex selection becomes fluent again.
This is what makes me think this slothj is a matter of full UV client window redraw…

Anybody got idea on this ?

Happy blending !