Any improvements?

Phone charging. Cycles rendered (first image).EVEE rendered (second picture). C & C pls.

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  1. Be more consistent with your bevels (some edges are impossibly sharp)
  2. Add more detail, mainly to the phone
  3. Reduce the bulkiness of the charger head
  4. Brighten up the scene a bit & add some warmer light sources

Which edges are you reffering to?

Thanks for the tip.

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Also the scene looks a little dull. Like I suggested, you should try adding another light source and give it a orange-ish color. I noticed the same problem with your hammer render as well. You might want to look into hdri’s and check out Blender Guru’s lighting series

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Okay. Thanks for ur feedback.

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Useful improvements here :

  • Try to use photo realistic textures (for the table, the wall and the phone), you can check here :
  • For lighting, you can use an hdri to have better shadows and reflections (check here
  • Try to be consistent : the cable looks too fake because there’s no gravity, you can add more random rotations/offset when editing the curve

Good luck!

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