Any interest in a cal3d import/exporter?

The last couple days I’ve been playing around with the cal3d file format and have a very basic mesh importer (.xmf) working. Was wondering if anyone actually uses this anymore before I go to all the trouble of getting the other file formats working – Blender 2.4x had an exporter so I suppose that someone out there used it once or twice…

I used CAL3d a lot. But not for its mesh functionality, but the support of bones, skinning and animations.
For those with no idea, CAL stands for Character Animation Library. It’s a rather nice C++ library to import, load and handle meshes, bones and animation and mix them.

I haven’t used it in a while. I recently went to use Irrlicht3d again. But they really lack good 3d mesh/animation support, unless you’re willing to use the old blitz3d format (b3d)