Any Lumion Render user here?

Any Lumion user here?

eeVee becomes better and better and I am revisiting it for architecture rendering
Cycles is great just slow compared and not all students have fast enough PCs or CUDA.

Lumion has some great GI fast effects and to me seems to have better drop shadows.

eeVee GI works fine but needs to be calculated and is not on the fly as Lumion
Plus env light in Lumion seems not to impact the inside of a room as much as eeVee.

Any tip in pushing eeVee more towards Lumion or is that just not possible?

Hi. I tried lumion. If you don’t have 32GB RAM + 6GB Graphic Card, don’t try :smiley: With my 2GB Graphic Card + 8GB RAM, It is crazy slow just on editor mode. Still couldn’t try the render yet.

I am a using Lumion for 2 years now, and currently EEVEE is slower than Lumion, that’s why it is not possible to pushing towards Lumion (if you dont have infinity time). EEVEE is going to be better and better in the future, so one day EEVEE will be rule the empire. :))

yeah I agree on the speed. add grass for a property and eevee crawls.

also what I find in comparison lacking is the shadow and lighting system.

Lumion seems to offer better drop shadows and their GI while not 100% is very fast calculated without the artifacts eeVee has with light probes.

quick question maybe you could tell me - I noticed that Lumion similar to eeVee suffers from the issue of env light simply shining through the walls.

how do you set up that in Lumion to look not so fake?

Hm after two weeks of tinkering it I am not convinced about it.

True the asset libarby is fantastic - grass trees etc blow speedwise blender away.

But the render outcome I am not so sold on.

It feels rather like eeVee with some faster GI speed thrown onto it but not at the level like VRAY or Cycles. I think they anyway try to be more fast then realistic.

Sorry for the late reply, I was not online for 2 weeks. So if you want to make the shadows not fake and shining through the walls, you need to use the shadow VFX effect in the renders options, there you can adjust it.

Which version are you using right now? 10.0 or 11.0? 10.0 is good for clean architecture visualisations, and 11.0 is very good for mostly real time realistic renders (higher resulution will make it better). If you want you can send me your renders and I can help you to improve,

Yours sincerely,

I am at the early stage of earning it.

I will have access to 11 dec first week.

Thank you for offering the help much appreciated.

I have a rough idea how Lumion works but not the experience.
Like also how the GI is supposed to work - those FX have different settings than normal render engines

and happy thanksgiving