Any news on blender 2.8 interactive mode (?)

Hi all

The Blender Developers were suppose to work on the New Blender Interactive Mode in July.

So far I haven’t seen any news, and it’s already September.

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Similar thread here, but without news since March as well…

All eyes have been on 2.8 and EEVEE, maybe they forgot about it? :roll_eyes:

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Ok :ok_hand:


Just found a question from the audience on interactive mode in the Blender Conference 2019 playlist :

According to the statement “there is no timeline for it” it seem, like interactive mode is not going to happen anytime soon. :disappointed_relieved:


That’s sad but totally predictable -

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

the community has already been busy at work

Youle and Loki are restoring the engine 1 commit at a time.

you can call BPY in the running engine - so in theory this is already ‘interactive mode’

there are some big pieces to be restored - however it’s functional right now.


^^Ton is either on crack or someone’s payroll. Probably both.
“yeah let’s juss yank out the game engine, no problem. we can come up with a half-assed replacement in like, never”

Thankfully, the community cleaned up the mess. Yet again.


To be fair, the BGE was always kinda half-assed, so a half-assed replacement is only appropriate.

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You’d be a-okay with a liver transplant from a heavy drinker by that logic, I mean if you wanna take a dump on something at least be smart about it.

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It’s more like excising a tumor, then thinking long and hard before putting the tumor back in.

Personally i just wanna see more games being made by the community!!!
(I mean what more can you ask for we already have UPBGE 3.0+ coming , BF must just take UPBGE and make it an in House Engine i don’t like the separation)

That’s all for now!


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You’re supposed to extirpate cancer, not put it back.

I don’t find the idea of a nicely built playground within a 3D suite undesirable in the least – if you have an argument against that then I’m listening.

They also said Benoit didn’t have time to work on it so far. @ton @dfelinto, why not talk again with @lubos / armory3d project? Keep it optional (separate addon / package / branch) if the dependencies and or licenses are a concern.

I kinda doubt you actually are interested in listening to what I think. So I’ll just step out of the subforum and allow this conversation to continue.

meanwhile I am over here making games in blender game engine in blender 2.8 using prb.

we need a few things restored still,
we need GPU armature skinning
we need ATAA
then we blow past armoury.

Yes yes, we all know about your’s & @lordloki_reloaded’s good work :slight_smile:
You post a lot about it :wink:

To any outsider here @BluePrintRandom & I are just horsing-around like good friends, ignore us.

it is the work of Youle and Loki,

frontend I am just a tester who uses complex things,
meaning I find alot of the bugs.

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Wait . . . Youle & Lorki aren’t the same person?! :man_facepalming:

Well this is embarrassing.