Any news on Retopoflow integration for Blender 2.8?

I was wondering what is the state of Retopoflow since the new 2.8 API is almost stable.
Anyone know if it is it being ported at the moment? Or are they waiting for the final 2.8 release?
Any ideas on when we can expect it to be upgraded?



Blender 2.8 is 4 months before the release until then there is a lot of time

Hi all!

We are working on it right now while also fixing a few issues with the current version. RF has many parts, so it’s not a simple (nor quick) update. We are planning to have at least a beta version ready for testing before Blender 2.80 is officially released.


Good to know! Thanks for reporting!

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is there any updates on this ? I really love to use Retopoflow 2.0 for Blender 2.8!


all i have Heared was that the Creators will add 2.8 support just soon as the API is finished and ready for add-on development., When that will be can be anyone´s Guess I think.

They’re working on it but it’s a lot of work.

Follow gfxcoder (who commented earlier in here) for the latest news.

Great to hear

eagerly awaiting this :slight_smile: any update ?

still no release, but they are working

Will RetopoFlow work in Blender 2.8?
We are actively working on the Blender 2.8 version of RetopoFlow and hope to have it ready very soon; it’s been a massive project that requires most of the code-base to be rewritten.

The 2.8 version of RetopoFlow will be a free upgrade to all customers.

You can test out how far progress is made:

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still on v.2.79 because of retopoflow :wink: w8ing for release to start use v.2.8

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Hopefully the development of native integrated retopology tools in Blender negates the need for Retopoflow. While it has some great tools (and not to mention feels pretty cool), I hate how I have to fight my normal Blender hotkey habits and how I don’t have access to the other Blender tools while I’m using it.


Hello @0o00o0oo. Please could you clarify what you mean by “native integrated re-topology tools in blender”?

I am aware of the polybuild tool and have seen some tutorials that demonstrate how to get started with this (none of these tutorials actually show how to do a full re-topology though which is very frustrating because it is hard for a newbie to work out how to match up the correct number of quads on each side by the time you reach the far sis of some complex mesh ie. a head).

The polybuild tool is kind of cool but I am not aware of anything in blender native that makes it easy to trace out the edge flow of a mesh and then about add quads along it - let alone select that edge and another edge and auto fill the space between with quads.
If there are such features I would LOVE to know :smiley: I bought the retopoflow tool and currently reopen my project in 2.79 to retopologise meshes - because polybuild alone is just not enough. It would be great if you can point me in the right direction if I am missing something. Thanks in advance.

You can read what’s planned in the page I linked in to that very post.

The “Tools” section specifically is probably what you’re looking for.

still eargerly awaiting this ! The Polybuild tool is alright but in its current form not close to the usability of Retopoflow. I do wonder why porting of this add-on takes so many months (?)

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I sure start to get the feeling the guys have just quit on it… I just bought it last month with the hope of it being ported “any day now”, but now it feels I’ve just wasted the money :confused:
I love the tool, but it’s getting a bit frustrating doing all of my work in 2.8 and then every time switching to an obsolete build just for retopoing…

@George_Pike_Tanev same version is freely available on their github. What you pay for on blendermarket, is to support active development.

hold your horses! there are some updates today !


Hi ,
When you guys are going to release 2.8 version of this tools. We are waiting for that and interested to buy.

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Man, I really waiting soooo long for this to happen… any news?


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