any place to sell models?

I was looking at today and i looked at the news, there it said that you could do blender jobs for cash. I looked into it but there ware only jobs where it payed like 10 dollars per hour. that is a good price but is there any place that i can sell models that are already done? like i sell my model for a price and it doesnt matther how much time i have used on it i just sell my model that is done. I’m bad at explayning this stuff… try to understand it please…

There are a few places now on the where you can do this. The best known is probably Turbosquid. There are several of us Blender users who have models on this site. The deal is you upload it and they provide the ifrastucture, bring the traffic, and handle customer service. You get 50% and they get 50%. You keep the copy write. The amount you make depends on the quality and demand for your models. The cool thing is if you’ve got a bunch of odd models just taking up space on your hard drive you can put them to work for you instead. Make sure to read the licensing agreement of course.

I love Turbosquid, and make over $100 (my take after TS takes their part), every month. $144 my profit so far this month. Collection in my sig.