Any secrets to share on drawing in paint programs?

I was just wondering about wether we can share secrets on drawing with paint programs and how to make pictures look good. Things that could apply wether you’re on PSP 7 or GIMP or photoshop or whatever.

I kind of felt like drawing a cartoon type of picture in PSP 7 and I used a lot of point by point vector objects to make it. Though it doesn’t seem to be as good as Sago’s cartoons.

So any secrets on making 2D images such as this?

If you want to know what I drew here it is. Not Sago quality, but it gets the point across.
As you can see I’m fairly new at this so it’s not quite professional quality.

A Wacom tablet is a must for digital painting/sketching. Probably something you will want to get if you don’t already have one.

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It’s just a matter of asserting yourself and practicing. There is no magic “make me an artist” tool in any app.

Well there is, but it doesnt make you an artist. :wink:

You could also make your drawings by hand, scan them into the computer, and clean them up there. Works quite well.

That’s what I do.

Here’s another drawing.
I did some simple styled shading too.

I don’t have interest in a graphics tablet and I don’t scan drawings but I think I could get the hang of it.

Two cartoons I’m interested in drawing is Blender characters fighting like in super smash brothers and Wu-man with real piano keys for teeth.

“Don’t?” Might I ask why not?

Okay, um, why?

Because drawing and scanning is your second best bet if you don’t have a graphics tablet (unless you’re willing to become a “computer mouse ace”, that is).

For the drawings I have done I used point to point lines, one advantage of this is that you can select them and edit the points later so it looks better and smoother especially if you put in a lot. Much like my avatar image which looks 2D but used a blender mesh.

You’re probably thinking in terms of freehanding using the mouse, which in that case would be difficult.

Heh… I think we’re talking in circles now. I noted that you said you “don’t” use a scanner or have an interest in tablets. That’s fine n’ all, but I was wondering why not? Generally speaking, you can get superior results by drawing by hand, so naturally devices that cater to this mehod (like a pencil) are considered the tool of choice. And my question would be why you would choose to eschew the (again, generally speaking) superior tool?

Now, if you don’t have a scanner or tablet, that’s an entirely different set of circumstances and I understand completely.

No, I’m also talking about moving the several dozen points/lines/curves that make a good looking vector drawing. If you have decent hand-drawing skills, you can save yourself the trouble of adjusting every point/line/curve, or even messing up the whole thing beyond the point of undo levels (which leads to starting over, and over, etc.). But anyway, you’re using PSP 7, right? Then here’s a good link for you.

I think we have a scanner upstairs but I don’t have a tablet.

I know how to draw stuff with pencil however, but there’s the advantages drawing on a computer has to offer.

The idea is that you draw lots of light lines on the paper, then draw darker over the ones you like, then scan and go over those (with vectors if you like) until you get them exactly right.

As you can see I’m fairly new at this so it’s not quite professional quality.

No, not quite :rolleyes:

If you want Sago quality, use the Sago method. Hand-drawn outlines, scanned, “select to path”, fill vector, colour underneath (When he fisrt mentioned this method, I suggested an alternative for him. Since then, I’ve tried his method and it delivers superior results for cartoon work. I’ve been illustrating one way or another for over twenty years - but I’m still able to learn from others).

If you want your own “quality” then ignore all advice, do it your own way, keep explaining why you disagree with all better ways offered to you then complain later when people tell you “it could do with some improvement”.


i’m speechless…


Draw, lots and lots and lots. I’m not very good at drawing, but recently I started to draw necks for something I’m doing. I have been drawing hundreds of little sketches and I am much better at it now than I was.

I know how to draw stuff with pencil however, but there’s the advantages drawing on a computer has to offer.

You need to have the fundamentals of drawing down first, and no offence, but you don’t. The shape of the dragon hand illustrates that you haven’t thought about it. Where do the bones go, what angle is the hand on? You have two competing perspective lines on the hand alone.

Practice, say, just the hand. Draw it, see what looks wrong, then draw it again. Lather, rinse and repeat. Improve each time, then after a while compare the first to the last.


Go to an art class, learn how to draw the traditional way, then move into digital art once youve got the basics of art. ie: perpectives, colour, etc.

Then do some studying and research other artist and there techniques. Like Realists, post-impressionist, Art Noveua, etc.