Any solution to achieve this in Eevee?

Hi everyone
I’m trying to create a “Dry lands” ground, that kind of :

I done this for the moment :

But to render well it need to have some depth to it, to see the space between the crackles…
I tried a lot of tutos, but voronoi texture don’t give me the result i want (not enough depth) because displacement & bump settings is not available in eevee.
The normal map present here is not satysfying

I’m still beginner in modelling and texturing, any possibility of solution that might works in Eevee would be appreciated
thanks by advance!

I can think of two things you could try:

1. Displacement Modifier
Instead of using the material to drive the displacement, let the displacement modifier handle it. If you’re not doing anything fancy with your texture mapping, you can simply set the displacement texture of your material as image in the texture you’re using in the displacement modifier and adjust the scale to match it.
The one downside is, that your plane needs a lot of geometry (subdivisions) for those cracks to look good.

2. Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM)
This is a technique that basically fakes displacement with the shader. There are several tutorials on POM out there, some of them let you even download a nodegroup to create the parallax effect.
If you’re on Windows, you can also download and try an experimental blender build implementing POM in Eevee. It works pretty well.

Comparison screenshots

Just a plain PBR material:

Displacement modifier:

Experimental Blender with POM

(The difference to the displacement is obviously the edge of the plane and the lack of ambient occlusion)

I know, this isn’t a comprehensive how-to, but I hope this is enough to give you a hint in the right direction. :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks for your answer
First solution wasn’t really suitable for me since i’m going to work on a big scene and want to do all to keep it “stable” and not too heavy, to can continue work fluidly on it.

But i just tested parallax and it’s what i needed. It’s not creating a real “hole” between the crackles but the illusion of depth is real and it will be sufficient for what i want, pretty impressive and simple to use, i recommand experimenting it to anyone who use Eevee. Thanks again!

If anyone would have a solution to model this simply with real empty space between the crackles it still can be very appreciated!

You could also try this add-on:

Hi, thanks you, it didn’t gave results for the moment but i’ll retry more precisly and update the topic soon.

I just tested the Realtime shader displacement and It’s 10 days later but just giving a feedback to say that this addon is GREAT for anyone who would need that kind of effect in Eevee!