any Suggestion on mapping road?

How should I go about texturing a road? must I use uvwrap ? If I do, I have to paint the hole road and that world take time. Is there a better way to do the road texturing?


Help! how to solve this problem? I’m using uvwrap.


errr - what have you done to get those two images exactly?

THanks! but is there any other way to do it besides using script? I’m not good with it. So I left with no more other options but UVwrap? Is there any tips or tricks I could use?

Would texMesh be useful here? Tutorial

Having image with alpha channel problem. How do i solve this problem and why when my cam goes further away, the image seen a litter distorted.


still can’t solve the problem… the white lights are on a different plane with alpha texture. Any ideas to solve the problem?


show your images you are using for the road texture. There might be a problem with them that is causing this unpleasant result. And also, is the alpha turned to exactly zero? if not, that’s your problem.

I uploaded the Blender file. Tell me what you think is the problem or you guys have a better way that you think I should use to create the road.

it works for me quite beutifully. I didn’t mess with any settings at all. Here’s proof.


sorry… now the problem is how to get the white lines to tile nicely.

the reason they are squished is because those faces have so much less area than the others. To fix it,
you have to edit the image and maybe UV map just that face with maybe one line. I’m not an expert at this, so maybe somebody else can explain better.

Is there any other easier way to map a road thats look like this or I really have to have alot of different sizes of road for it?

can you upload from savefile or something because the host you have it hosted on is slow

try this