Any thought about efficient curvature map producing means?

As far as it is evident still there is no any thought about implementing tools for producing efficient curvature maps in Blender. Maps that can be baked and used as ‘dirt’ or ‘grunge’ masks in convex and concave areas of the objects (as is in Substance Painter). Blender is quite ready -with all the other texturing tools it has- for taking advantage of such masks, so why this negligence about them?

Ok, I know, there will be many users that will reply by mentioning ‘dirty vertexes’, ‘pointiness’, the new ao or bevel node but… they are not the same thing.

Imagine that you want to make a mask by detecting, in a precise way, the convex and concave edges of an object separately… how you will do it? Or imagine that you want to do such a thing on beveled (in their geometry) edges… it is impossible to have precise results in such a case too.

There have been some tries by the use of osl in the past regarding this need but them too were not so good (and as everyone knows osl shading is expansive in rendering times too).

So… any developer who will focus his attention to such a need?

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