Any tip on how to create a fiendfyre?

Hi, I have an idea on creating a fiendfyre like the one in the harry potter movies. Since I’m totally new to blenders smoke/fire simulation I need help with creating the look I need. The look I seek is pretty much the look of the fiendfyre in the movies, mostly like the one in Order of the phoenix, in at 4:30 (its a vfx breakdown so you can have a clue on how its made), a bit like the one in deathly hallows part two ( Also I would want it to be pretty similar to a “real” fire, the flames shouldn’t be to different from the ones of a fire in fireplace, and not to less “crispy”.

I’ve seen the tutorial at, but as I mentioned I still have problems on how to make my fire.

                                                                                                                   Thanks in advance :eyebrowlift:!