Any tips to model The Marker from Dead Space?

I want to model The Marker from Dead Space because is my favourite game and I want to add this easter egg to my game, but I’m not sure if there is some way to model it’s body or I must to do it by hand. I mean, if there is trick to make it’s curves perfectly, I dont know if I explain correctly, sorry.

I’m not new on Blender (like 4 years using it), but there’s much things I dont know about it yet, so can someone please me? :stuck_out_tongue:

Its just it, know if there is a tool or something to do it more refined that model it by hand.


Model one slice of it, which I think would look like a thick + shape, extrude it to be as tall as you need it to be, cut it diagonally to separate it into the two prongs, model where the two prongs connect to each other, delete one of them, add all the loop cuts you’ll need to make the segments, add an array modifier with 0 offset and an empty as the object origin and rotate the empty to have two prongs again, use simple deform modifiers before the array to shrink and twist it (may need empties to adjust location and angle of these), apply them, select all the loops, bevel with 1 segment to make the gaps, then inset with with offset relative enabled and 0 thickness and some width to make it deep enough, make sure the two tips are one point by selecting the zips with a box select in wireframe mode and merging, then back out to object mode and add a bevel set to percent width so the bevels are smaller toward the top where there’s less room and no limit method, then a subdivision modifier if you want.

I don’t know how it looks where they connect so mine’s a little weird but I think I got the gist of it using this method.

How about this using a stack of modifiers + a curve?

DeadSpaceMarker.blend (440 KB)