Any way how to open a window to choose a file with Python?

I would like to save or open a file in Windows through a Blender app.
Can I open a window to save/open files with Python?

Yes you can do this with Blender. The UI you would need to setup yourself, but for opening and saving files you can easily do that with the OS module or the open() function.

OS example

import os

# Opens file

# Saves data to file

open() example
For more documentation there are plenty of examples on the internet.

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Sort of. You can use TKinter ( but I suspect that it’ll freeze up the main thread while you’re doing it.

Might be best off making your own in Blender.

Well, since tkinter is not installed in Blender as default and probably you want a native file dialog, I manage to make a file dialog using the following method (based on this answer). You need pywin32 installed on your Blender in order to run this blend. If you need help installing it, see below.

ex_filedialog.blend (82.8 KB)

Installing pywin32 on Blender

  • Not actually that hard… Open the command prompt at your Blender installation folder, specifically 2.79/python/bin (you may need run as Administrator if Blender is installed in Program Files).

  • Install pip on Blender by running python -m ensurepip.

  • Install pywin32 by running python -m pip install pywin32.

Observation: You may try to use tkinter instead of pywin32, probably would be a lot easier.


Thank you, this works great.
Is there a way how to save the file like this, where you can name your file?

Sure. I just updated the script to fit a save file routine.

ex_filedialog.blend (83.2 KB)



import bge
import win32gui, win32con, os
from pprint import pformat
from pathlib import Path

cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
sensor = cont.sensors[0]

if sensor.positive:
        filter = 'Text files\0*.txt\0Python Scripts\0*.py;*.pyw;*.pys\0All files\0*.*\0'
        customfilter = 'Other file types\0*.*\0'
        # Open file dialog
        fname, customfilter, flags = win32gui.GetSaveFileNameW(
            InitialDir = os.environ['TEMP'],
            File = 'somefilename.txt', DefExt='',
            Title = 'Save file to...',
        path = Path(fname)
        writeFile = True
        # Handle file overwriting if file exists
        if path.exists():
            writeFile = False
            # Message box to confirm file overwrite
            response = win32gui.MessageBox(
                "Overwrite existing file?", 
                "Confirm overwrite", 
            # Enable overwrite if user responds YES
            if response == win32con.IDYES:
                writeFile = True
        # Write file if folder exists
        if writeFile and path.parent.exists():
            with open(path.as_posix(), "w") as _file:
                _file.write("My file content")
                print("> File written to",
        cont.owner.text = pformat(fname)
        print("X No file selected!")
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