... Any way of displacing uv map with sculpting tools?

Hi hi,

My unwrap is really deformed… some squares are way too tiny, others are way too huge, and i have many points to handle, they also are mirrored so it makes 2 points per coordinate and grab tool, rotate tool, scale tool just won’t do… :o

My model isn’t yet stable and i do a lot of do, undo, redo, restore last backup and stuff so if i spend more than a few minutes on a detail, it’s a waste because i know that’ll end up deleting vertices, adding edges here and there… It’s not finished but i need to practice the unwrap and texturing features so that i develop the model conveniently…
I really often, right now, delete “seam” lines and add new ones… Clean unwraps and make new ones… I kind of really want to design my texture to fit the unwrap as it is outputted by blender’s unwrap function… (i tried smart uv project and it doesn’t obey seam lines… And makes quite a mess too, cuts anywhere for no good reasons) I’m unsure of what i want or how i want it but the result i want is a correctly averaged uv map’s cell size to have about the same definition in all areas of the model… pixel per point? hm… anyway… I’d kind of need to be able to displace the uv points in group with a certain softness, just like the 3d sculpting tools offers. Push/pull, magnify, squeeze, soften, skew… This way i wouldn’t have to worry if i ever modify the model again, delete and remake the unwrap… Moving point per point is just too hardcore for models with more than a hundred vertices…

Any tips, maybe script extensions i could use?

You should try the ‘live unwrap’ function. It involves pinning a set of ‘vertexes’ ( in the UV window ) and then moving one or more. As you move a point, blender automatically optimizes the other points in relation to the pinned ones. There is also proportional editing available in the UV window ( O key to toggle )

all right :slight_smile: i’ll give it a go ^^ thanx :slight_smile:

There are some sculpt brush (grab relax and pinch) available in the UV/Image editor.

In the UV/Image Editor, you must first press Q (or click UV -> UV Sculpt ), then press T to bring the uv editor toolshelf and in the Tools tab you can tweak the settings and set the brush to grab/relax/pinch)

Press Q (or UV -> UV Sculpt) again to disabled the sculpt tools in the UV editor

Thanks a lot Modron for your suggestion about pinning and live unwrap!

I always thought that pinning was just for locking vertices, and that live unwrap was for rearrange in real time the UV map along the editing of the 3d mesh, like changing of seams; now I have made some tests and I can see that with this method even a move by zero of the pinned vertices re-displaces the map globally.

I have to investigate further but I guess that this method can do interesting things.


I’m unsure if i understood the pinning topic clearly :o
Can’t wait to try those sculpting tools, thanx Sanctuary ^^ And Thanx suvinos for the additional details ^^