Any way to bake to a specularity or bump map?

I’d like to export a specularity (shininess) or bump (grayscale) map from Blender. I know the current bake function only supports a texture, AO, and a normal map (that isn’t usable anywhere else). I’ve created a very nice procedural shader in Blender and want to get this material into my game. Any ideas? I would especially like to be able to export the bump map. Any way to convert bake’s normal map into something I can use?

The texture baking engine can still be used for this. If you wanted to export your bump map to a texture you could.

  1. make sure your object has UVs
  2. turn off textures that are set to “Col”
  3. change textures set to “Nor” to “Col”
  4. bake with “Textures” enabled.

Basically all you’re doing is making your bump map the color map and baking that. You can do the same thing for specular or any other channel for that matter.

Hope this helps,

FANTASTIC! Thank you very much!