Any way to generate a render time heatmap?

In Maya/RenderMan, you can generate a heatmap of how long each pixel/chunk took to render, which would be helpful for debugging what materials and surfaces are the most intensive.

Is there any Blender equivalent?

Yes, there is:

It is per tile, though there was a patch at one point that added adaptive sampling, which added a per-pixel sample count debug pass also.


Rough with larger tile sizes, but it’s the exact solution nonetheless.

Thank you very much!

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If I am doing a debugging pass, I will often render out with small tiles just to increase the resolution of my sample. I’ll also reduce the number of samples significantly, just enough to get a good average. Figuring with an 8x8px tile, and 8 samples, you’re getting 512 samples of how long the pixels in that tile take to render.

It’s certainly enough to find that one weirdly slow shader on that one asset you downloaded.

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