Any way to make freeform cuts in Blender 2.49b?

OK, picture you have a saw, and you run a 4x4 chunk of wood through once, on some random curving pattern, then you turn things over 90 degrees, and you do another curving cut. Essentially, once you have pulled out the pieces and put them into place, so all the outside square edges are inside, you get a nice, curvy sort of post.

Well I would like to model this in Blender 2.49b. I would like to take a cube mesh, make a freeform cut through it about halfway, and do another 90 degrees over on the next side. I want to see how you can cut holes in things in any way you like in Blender 2.49b. What options do I have for this? How would I do this?

I appreciate your help with this.

One way would be to uninstall 2.49 and install 2.71 :wink:

Another would be to use a Boolean modifier (if you don’t care about topology).

Yet another would be to not “cut” anything, but model your curve, then convert it to mesh, then extrude the missing parts and depth.

Are you saying that Blender 2.49b is not capable of freeform cuts?

I did find one method that worked, I subdivided the cube a lot and then did my cut. Used the circle/brush to select. Only problem is creating faces and merging all that extra material.

I do have a 2.7x build of Blender. But as I am learning Blender 2.49b first, I am directing all my questions to that version. I have my reasons, that is all you need to know.

Thank you for your reply.

Nothing much except loopcuts, ripping mesh apart and vertex moving. And you wouldn’t have n-gons; you would need to fill in all the gaps you create instead of just using tools like I, J, K on them.

Use 2.7 for creation and then Legacy export mesh from it to later use in 2.4 exporters missing in 2.7 as Stan Pancakes suggest.

2.49b is old. New tools have been developed since them. If you want those new tools, don’t use an old program. If you wanted to learn how to use Photoshop today you wouldn’t start by finding an old copy of Photoshop 2 to learn first. Unless you absolutely need to use some exporter that only works with 2.4 there is no reason at all to learn it now. And even if you do need to use one of those, you only need to learn enough of 2.4 to use that exporter, since as eppo suggests you can use the legacy mesh exporter from 2.7. Just learn the modern version of the program.

I found a way to do this in 2.7.

Esporting to 2.4 defeats the purpose. The challenge is to find a way to do this in 2.4, if possible. But it looks like it is not really possible. That’s OK.

A lot of things still depend on 2.4 usage. Therefore I will not abandon it and just use the new tools. So no, and no thank you. And no, I would not do that for Photoshop. I will just learn how to do it in Gimp and throw out Photoshop altogether :smiley: But I might do that for 3DS Max or another 3D package.

For me learning Blender 2.49b is a challenge. When you go climbing mountains, you never start with Everest, unless you are suicidal. You start with small mountains and work your way up. I will master Blender 2.49b, and only use Blender 2.7 as needed. Interestingly, learning Blender 2.49 helps me learn Blender 2.7. So I am not, in any way, wasting my time, and if I were, its my time to waste, assuming such a thing as time actually even exists and there is really any reason to use it wisely. I think there is a common societal misconception at work there. But I digress…

Thank for your suggestions and responses. I do appreciate your help.

Booleans! FTW

Yeah I need to try them BOOleANNS :smiley: I was trying to emulate the cut of say a saw blade in my workflow. But I definitely need to work with this method as well.

Thanks for the tip, all who suggested it.

To each his own, I guess.

I’m genuinely curious, which things are those?

Uru Complete Chronicles/Myst Online Uru Live for one.

There is another community also using 2.49b but I can’t recall the details right now.

So…make your models in 2.7, hit Save As, check the box in the bottom left marked Legacy Mesh Format, and you’ll be able to open it in 2.4 and export to Uru. That way you can use all the modern tools that make your workflow easier and faster, but still use the old exporter. 2.49b does not help you learn 2.7 because it has different shortcuts and there are a lot of tools that work in completely different ways. For instance the knife tool for freeform cuts that you are looking for. Just use 2.7 and it works. Problem solved.