Anybody already upgraded to OSX 10.6.5? Yes: OK!

Hi folks,

Wonder if anyone already checked the functionality (or possible troubles) of 2.54 or 2.55 running on the latest OSX 10.6.5 upgrade.
Any noticeable changes?

No change.
I can’t say that I’ve seen any noticeable change with any osx update, even from 10.5 to 10.6

Running just fine so far.

Snap… didn’t know it was out. I’ll post back later if I run into any issues.

[edit]: Nope, no problems at all for me. Everything runs fine.

Did the upgrade by now and everything is running fine (even VMware’s) :wink:

no issue here

OpenGL Preview Render not working on MBP + ATI X1600 + 10.5.8 and iMac + HD4850 +10.6.3 (those 2 under Win7 64 don’t show the same problem :frowning: )

Does 10.6.4 or 5 provides better drivers ?

It’s OK on the macbook + Nvidia 9400M + 10.5.8

10.6.5 installed, the Opengl preview bug remains. (blender 33071)