Anybody interested in making a 3rd person game

Got a brand new character that needs rigging animating and i`m really good
at texture and modeling, so if anybody interested in making a game let me know.
Here is some of my work

Is it fully Blender project? Looks very cool character :slight_smile:

Yes, i was thinking unity but blender for now :slight_smile:

I like Unity, but I dislike Unity community - they say Unity doesn’t run on Linux :smiley: And they’re kinda rude sometimes, because I am total begginer there.

What kind of jobs do you offer then? :slight_smile: I see you already finished different types of weapons and characters. So? Probably music producers and assets designers?

That’s what usually people offer. I might record some trumpet plays if I’d play it better(I learn in music school, finished grade 5 although I was expected to finish grade 4). Yeah, I’ve got some stuff to learn in music:D Maybe, if someone composes, I can ask my orchestra bandmaster to collect all orchestra and record some music for games? :smiley:

Im a producer as well so music is not a issue, im just looking for
Riggers, modelers, animators, artists.

I`m thinking a 3rd person survival game :slight_smile:

Looks cool. I’m Caleb Huizenga on Hangouts (Google+), but I don’t have Facebook. But my knowledge of the game engine is pretty good, so I’ll help if I can.

My Avatar on G+ is big buck bunny.

Great, i`m on facebook @Chaos Emergency

This looks interesting. What’s the end goal? Planning on selling it or marketing it?
And, also- What’s the story?