Anybody know any good places to research Blender or games design related?

At night I struggle to go to sleep so I read about how to use Blender, I’ve reached the 8th chapter, but its hard to imagine using Blender from just reading a guide.

I would like something that I can read and understand even if I don’t have Blender open, like this.

It doesn’t have to be Blender, it could be Unreal Engine, whatever you guys want to share really, I’m just really bored and want to learn.

I think it’s like learning to swim: “get in the water … shallow end!”

Pick the simplest specific thing that you can think of which is related to what you’re reading about, and try to do it. Freely share your “works in progress” right here. As for questions, “ask away.”

You learned how to ride a bike by falling off of it a few dozen times. :slight_smile:

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Yes I think its best to learn one thing at a time, I think I saw somewhere on these forums some guy posted some forum he made about Blender, I just remember that I saved a bookmark from a few months ago lol.

Maybe over the few years after I’ve learned a lot about games design I’ll make a forum there as well sharing my research.

I’d mainly only be thinking of myself but if it helps others I guess that’s alright.

There is a saying, you learn something in one day, and you try to master it for the next 30 years.

As for example you can watch a photorealistic drawing tutorial on Youtube, by 100% percent logic approach you copy each movement with mm accuracy and in the end you will have the same result, in only 10 minutes.

However in practical terms you try to do the same, and your mind does not understand something, your hand does not obey, you can’t notice or predict the mistakes you do and therefore you can’t produce a perfect result.

So this means that you repeat doing the same thing over and over again forever up until you become really good at something. No techniques or shortcuts can save time. :slight_smile:

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