It would be nice to see a exact break down on if there using image or procedural textures, how they do the warm and cool lighting and then then what render passes they use like, is it only render passes and beauty pass, or like in blender people use color curve, color grade, hsv adjustment, lens depth and blur etc. is there any sites that explain this break down for animation films?

there are lots of videos explaining these techniques, sadly not all in one course, you would need to search out and learn each technique individually. thats just the way learning is i’m afraid!

Not exactly a tutorial, and not exactly explaining that particular reel, but if you want to learn about lighting, study this book.

You could also download some of the lighting challenges and play around with them.

The reel you showed us IS the break down for that particular animation. You are not going to find a tutorial explaining it. The artist made that reel to show you what was done. If you want more detailed information, you’re going to have to figure out how to view the reel frame by frame, so you can see the individual changes.