Anybody know where to find some really optimized and realistic video-game like trees?

Hello, im sick and tired having trees that slow everything down in my scenes, anyone know where we can find some really optimized trees ? not only for blender, any type of files.

What about Modular Tree?
Anyway, if it’s not enough for you, then there’s Speedtree

i need some trees with cardboard insead of actual leaves, Speedtree is a solution, but i’d rather not spend a month learning a new software just because i want some optimized trees in my scene :frowning:

You can do that with Modular Tree too, you just need to make your ‘cardboard’ branches yourself.
You could do that by creating full geometry branch segments, then baking it onto an alpha mapped plane or curved surface.

baking good cardboard and placing them properly is a pain, im looking for highly realistic trees, not making them myself and having a good result after two week :sweat_smile:

triple A quality level optimized trees requier a lot of skill and time to make

True. Modular Tree can also do twig placement, but even just making good branch planes is a lot of work.
You would have to find those somewhere else if you don’t want to spend the time to make them.