Anybody using Yafaray with blender 2.5 ?

Hey guys

is here anybody who works with Yafaray and Blender 2.5?

I tried to find some information about it but there seems not
to be much public about it.

you’re probably aware of this but you may want to take a look.

it’s obviously experimental.

Here’s his site

you can download the python exporter with instructions in the download section at the bottom of the page.

I’ve got it running on windows without any problems. I have to emphasize that I’ve only played with it, but it looks promising.

Claas, stop living under a rock.

There is an official YafaRay Exporter for Blender 2.5 project, which is part of Google Summer of Code 2010 program in which the YafaRay project is a mentoring org. The developer of this project is Shuvro Shaker from India, and he is doing his project under the direction of the YafaRay developers themselves, which means that the integration is done the right way.

The project is on going now, and will be finished, guess what, at the end of the GSoC program. If you are really interested in the progress of this project, you can subscribe to the GSoC YafaRay mailing list:

or read the weekly reports here:

These are some screenshots of Shuvro Shaker’s work:

But I like it under the rock …

thx for the mailing list link. that one I did not found.