anybody with a working win32 mingw> scons compile setup around??

I have been trying to get a patched build done but i can’t seem to get all the parts together

does anybody have a setup that is known working??

i would like to get a win32 copy with the Cloth sewing patch that is current.

I’m using mingw with Scons on 32-bit WinXP with the 2.66a branch. The first step would be to get the stock build working without the patch applied. Then try adding the patch so you at least know where to start looking for problems.

What is the specific error that you are getting?

my problem is im getting massive errors (different bits not “correct”) and it takes me too long to get a build to Not Build for the results to be useful.

can you attempt do do a build with /uploads/default/original/3X/0/8/0866d04741e39d8d3541ae4f810e460e7691a477.zipd=1383351049??

you will need to pull 61055 to match correctly (btw do you have to match lib and source versions??)

I’ll give your patch a try if I find some time today but I’m in the middle of some of my own changes so it won’t be easy to just give this a shot. If you want to get a specific version of Blender then you usually just checkout a specific ‘tag’ of the code instead of trying to figure out what the SVN revision was.

If you check out then you will get the code that was used for the specific 2.66a build. Since I have that checked out, I know that it is SVN rev 57383.

the patch in question is against tag 61055 (its a 2.69 series build)

could you maybe zip your copy of mingw32 up and post it somewhere?? (this may be part of my problem)

Unfortunately, the patch does not apply cleanly to the 2.66a code and I don’t have time to get the libraries that match your SVN rev. Have you been able to build your SVN code without the patch applied? That is still step one for getting this to work.

I doubt that would work due to path issues and I also doubt that this is an issue with MinGW. Most likely, there is a path configuration that is messed up so the build is not finding a header file or something.

Just to note, MingW builds have a tendency to crash if you’re making heavy use of the rendered viewport with Cycles, a good alternative though (if you have Win7 and Win8) is getting a VC11 build which has OpenMP and a stability that is equal to the standard builds.

I’m looking for a new VC11 64bit build myself, the buildbot for it is starting to seem like it may be dead for good, and every optimization counts with Cycles.

Cycles is a non issue for me (gotta love my atom netbook with an intel chipset.

and yes the patch which is MADE FROM TAG 61055 (a 2.69 series build) will not apply to an older build (and might not apply to a newer build).

and if i match paths with somebody with a known working copy (you did install it into the standard location right??) then the zip trick should work.

I didn’t install in the default locations and I’ve been traveling and don’t have access to my Windows computer.