Anyone else expirencing problems with this forum?

Ok, I’m missing all the formatting and layout of this site. It displayed as all raw text with a few icons here and there. Am I the only one experiencing this?? If the site is currently under going some maintenance, I understand and even applaud the CG Cookie crew for keeping the site up while working on it! Randy

Looks ok for me at the moment

Thanks for the reply Richard! Another user I pm’ed said the same thing, the site is fine. I’m using firefox and all other websites are fine, just this one is acting up. I also just re-booted my system, still no luck.


edit…hitting the back button on the browser and the site returns to normal… but reloading the site, I loose the formatting again… odd

Yeah, I’m having the same problem. I am using Google Chrome, but it is doing the same in internet explorer. I’m in central USA, if that makes a difference.

EDIT: Same problem on Blender Cookie, so I guess its a technical thing.

I use Chrome on OSX but checked the site in Firefox and Safari. All load the page ok. The only difference I see is a drop shadow around the forum panel in FF which I don’t see in the other browsers.



Thanks Inferno! I checked blender cookie as well. As you said, same problem there. Randy Edit: I’ve upgraded firefox, even tried a system restore (on windows) and still no change…


I’ve sent an e-mail to blender cookie’s contact e-mail address referencing this post. This all started for me about 4 hours ago. As I said, if it’s site maintenance I understand, but it appears no one else is having this problem. I’ve pm’ed 2 ppl, they don’t have a problem, Richard doesn’t have a problem… only me & Inferno ------- Randy

Hey guys,

Thanks for pointing this out. We’re looking in to it right. Currently we’re not sure what the cause is, or why some people are seeing it and some aren’t.

Hopefully everything (for those affected) will be back to normal ASAP.

It also takes a really long time for the pages to load, could this be a location thing. It wouldn’t have anything to do with windows would it?The pictures revolt_randy uploaded is exactly what my page looks like.

Edit: Some of it has come back, its not perfect, but some of it is here.

Thank you JonathanW!!! I gotta say I’m impressed with you cg cookie folks for being on top of this!!! Randy

Yeah, its almost completely fixed, those little odd things on the main page for each forum section that show whether you have read it or not is not there yet, but its functionality is working much better, three times better prolly!

Edit: Both sites are completely fixed, at least it looks as though they are. Blender Cookie is looking good, and BA has all its decals and things back.

Totally fixed for me. Thanks Jonathan, Wes, and the rest of your crew!!! woohooo, now I get to use the new ‘solved’ button…:evilgrin:


Your welcome and thank you for the comments. It looks like assets loaded by the CDN network were mucking things up. I will follow up with them and thanks for hanging with us on the site!


I’m currently having this problem again. It looks like the CSS style sheets for the site are not being loaded. I had the problem before when Randy mentioned it, but thought it had been resolved.

I’ve been getting the “Blender Artists forum performance sucks again” feeling this morning.

Cut to the chase, it is ssoooooo frustrating to have my answers to someones problems timing out (when I hit reply, the forum just offers to let me save a “showthread.php” file) and when I can eventually get back in the post didn’t get thorough!

Goodbye my well thought out answer to someone’s problem.

Hey Lancer,

We are constantly monitoring the sites performance and have kept the CDN service off to the time being to make sure it was rocking and rolling. I was on the site a bit today and didn’t run into any slow downs. Though not saying something could be going on. :wink:

If you guys notice it slowing down in the future, it would be awesome if you guys could provide a traceroute to us at [email protected].

This will greatly help us see the hops your connection took to reach the Rackspace Server. With so many hops it is usually something in between the two points that is the culprit. But either way if it is Rackspace then that gives us some ammo to help debug it. :slight_smile:

Appreciate hanging with us on the site!


Great thanks. It seems fine now, though I’ll take a note of that email. Thanks for responding in such good speed.

Sorry to be reviving a “Solved” thread, but as of 9:30 pm EST USA, all formatting for this site went south in a big way, and the unformatted pages are now taking minutes to load.

@chipmasque - could you visit and let me know what it says? Part of the CDN network may be at fault. Just want to hit them with the right info when I call.



Sorry I missed this reply. The formatting glitches went on for a few hours and then everything got healthy again, so I sort of dropped the ball. Do you still need the info from the page you reference, or was that useful only while the problem was happening? If it repeats, I’ll hit that page and reply then.