Anyone else find these forums slow?

(nemesis) #1

I’m on 56k and these forums appear to be very slow. they load at about 100 bytes per second, even less. Sometimes it appears to be down (the pages don’t load at all) Anyone else has these problems?

(Poju) #2

With my modem this seems rather fast, but this seems to be down every now and then.

Btw i’m jus nosy, but how much bandwith to this place has increased.

(Pablosbrain) #3

Its a bandwidth issue. If you read the previous thread you will see their looking into it.

(Timothy) #4 is hosted on a virtual server for now,… I have been looking and am still looking into getting my own webserver soon.

The webserver will host,… my personal website and my company website. For now I’ve bought about 80% of the server hardware.

This virtual server is quite fast, but also quite unstable so I hope to move to my own server as soon as possible.

The traffic has increased enourmously yesterday, and I recorded more then 5000 hits. Anyways I’ve had several offers of people who are interested in helping out by sponsoring

Hope this clears it up a bit,

Timothy Kanters

(nemesis) #5

I`m happy to see that there will be a new server. Cuz this thing about the site going down gets a bit annoying after a while.