Anyone else have this prob?

Okay so i just made a char, (actions and all) but then when i try to drop him onto the plane, (which is under the normal grid) he falls onto something but we cant see the plane. So i decided to make him go up and bring the plane up, but then he just flys super high into the air and we still cant see the plane. THe plain is green too. Help pls, thanks

Are you in ortho-side/front view–>That would make the plane look invisible. Is your plane in the way of your character’s bounding box/radius?

i dotn know! im quite new to this, But if i try to put the plane diractly below or move the char, the char flies super high!
EDIT: I checked to see if front view would help, but it doesnt

It could be a collision error. Try to move the character farther away from the plane.

thats the thing. when i move him farther away he flies into the air