Anyone encountered BOFH at cgtalk ?

Hey all… (way off topic)

not to gripe but has anyone had any trouble with the admins over at cgtalk before ?

I added a post to a Support Forum at CGTALK yesterday in relation to broken images and within a short period of time, and to my absolute amazement, I found myself in a flame war over “real browsers” with an Admin and kicked from the site !!

Anyone come across this level of attitude before ???

Sorry for the off-topic post… but I’m stunned !

Makes me appreciate elysiun and the blender community that much more :slight_smile:

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do you have a link to the aforementioned topic?

Unfortunately Leonard (?) the moderator pulled the thread… but the
associated thread which also got closed (and has since been reopened and editted…) can be found here:

This was the last post in the deleted thread from leonard :


I have said already that we are looking at it, however we CANNOT allocate more time than is warranted to fix this problem. The fact of the matter is that thousands of people are using CGTalk each day (which you get for free)with no problems. We need to move on to other, urgent matters that keep this site running. I need Rob to code up other features and sections of the website that will support the site financially, and keep it running.

Furthermore, I find the tone of your posts harassing, and I do not appreciate this at all. Please do not bring up this issue again, as we have logged it into a “to fix” bin and will get round to it when we have the time.


…I replied to this and the next thing you know I was locked out of cgtalk altogether as a member and the thread was pulled.

I realise I took the bait and flared up… but geez… talk about a smack in the head !

Wouldn’t be raising it if I wasn’t so shocked at the response !

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my username in that thread is… or was rather… mattpegg.

my basic tone on that thread and the deleted one was pretty much the same, and the thread was originally closed on post #14.

Sorry… still sitting here saying WTF ?? :wink:

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ok… forget I raised it…
It’s not worth perpetuating. I’m over it :wink:

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Sometimes admins at forums can be wankers. I’m just so happy that Elysiun admins are not like that. From reading your post in the thread I honestly can’t see that you said anything really bad.

I was thinking about going onto CGTalk for a while but if their admins are like that, I might not bother. You didn’t PM any of the admins or say anything else to annoy them did you? Or did they ban you based on what you said in that thread alone?

Oh well, you can always register as a different user right?

Nah, if they banned his ip address, he cant go there.

I do not think you were “harassing” them at all.

And all the admins think that cgtalk is so special, that they should charge people to attend it. They are full of crap.

It’s super expensive to run CGTalk because they have an enourmous userbase. elYsiun gets a fraction of what they get, and CGTalk hosts images. I wouldn’t pay for it, but don’t underestimate what it costs to run it.

When Leonard says:

In future, I would appreciate it if users could exercise more understanding in requesting support, rather than flaming and harassing our staff. It is a waste of your time, and ours - which can be better spent solving the problem. One member was removed from this site as a result of the unecessary and rude harassment towards the admins.

I wonder if he’s just an asshole, because there weren’t any people flaming or harrassing in that particular thread. I’d be interested in seeing what was said in the deleted section… and WTF they would delete it if they wanted it to be known as unacceptable behavior.

the posts we see aren’t annoying…but I would like to see what you replied to the posts he deleted…


I never saw any “aggressive” from any moderator over cgtalk…so I guess you replied something that was exactly what he had told you to not say again…

Me too, but I could imagine one of the moderators having a shitty day and taking something too seriously. We all have bad days, and CGTalk has strict rules anyway.

But… I do remember reading when I signed up for my account that they will warn you a couple of times before banning you. Did they warn? If they did, then it’s totally your fault. If they didn’t, then maybe it’s a temp ban or maybe Leonard was having a bad day.


For the record, I’ve since heard from Leonard Teo and I believe they’re going to reinstate the account.

As it stands, it sounds like the admins were having a bad day. They misconstrued my comments and I probably did likewise.

The problem is that the admin always has absolute power and I lost my right of reply. The reason I got so ticked off is that threads were deleted over matters of opinion and not due to bad language, or what I would consider intolerable or offensive behaviour. That was compounded when posts were later editted to sound better, while at the same time my account was locked and I was effectively gagged and denied the ability to defend myself…which lead to the WTF? post to elysiun.

As for the thread in question… it got deleted by the admins and therefore I can’t back up my previous comments.

FWIW, I do hit CGTalk at least once a day and think has a great community. Thanks to those who took the time to look at the thread. :slight_smile:

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PS: A note to all web site admins out there: Take a deep breath - Not every user who raises an issue with you is trying to kick you in the head. :wink:

Or just use a Real Browser, not some flunky thing you got free with your OS

mibus wrote that

However, once it happens, my browser (IE) won’t load images on any page anywhere.

you wrote that in the next post

have two windows XP machines running explorer 6 and 6.1.
this was at the post after yours

I dunno what you guys think, but what mibus wrote is quite clear to me. If you keep naging about your IE, well,… admin.s are only human

hint: google: opera
and your internet live will change for the better :wink: