Anyone Familier with Using Vue 9 Pioneer?

I just recently discover Vue 9 Pioneer, a free-to-download software that’s used to create 3D landscapes. I’m just beginning to learn how to use Pioneer, and I just wonder if anyone else here at has ever tried to use the program - and if so, can the landscapes be imported into Blender? This is the second piece of 3D software I’ve started to learn - the first being Blender itself. Just wanted to know if anyone here has ever tried the program. :slight_smile:

I used Vue 7 Pro Studio. It was actually what got me into 3D. No – it is very difficult (for free) to export from Vue to Blender. The other way works pretty good though. Blender into Vue.

I was worried about that darren. Out of curiousity, do you know if any of the Vue 9 landscapes can be used in DirectX? As for as I can tell, you can’t, but I’d been wanting to put my 3D models into DirectX games.

I’m surprised their isn’t a Blender addon or plugin that lets you use Vue 9 landscapes in Blender itself. If I had knowledge of how to script in Python, I’d make the addon myself, but I’ve never scripted in Python before.

Don’t know about Direct X – I’m sure the website would be able to tell you. If you can, I’m positive it won’t be with the free version.

Commercial programs are pretty closed about their assets, its unlikely you or anyone will be able to make a decoder for Blender. Maybe you could look into polytrans - but that costs too

Well, I might not have to worry. I found a video tutorial on YouTube for importing and exporting objects and materials with Vue Pioneer.
I’ve got the link here.

As for exporting, the tutorial says the exporter options is under the ‘File’ button on the top menu. Didn’t find it on my copy of Vue 9, so I downloaded Vue 10 Pioneer. Hopefully, I’ll get a good copy this time around. But anyway, the guy in the tutorial said the objects can be exported to 3DS Max, and I think Lightwave also. Considering files from both of these programs can be imported into Blender, it might not be a big issue (I’m already used to importing and exporting with Blender anyway). Hopefully, with the new copy I downloaded, I can export to Blender with 3DS Max or Lightwave Files. The copy I had of Vue 9 also said it couldn’t find the help files, so I should reinstall it. Maybe I download the copy, and the software was faulty - either due to the download process or how I installed it. But I take a look at the new version of Vue Pioneer to find out and see what I can do.

I just noticed that if I want to export models from Vue Pioneer, I need to buy the Exporter Module. It costs $149, and I’m not able to ‘shell out’ that kind of money right now. Right now I may not be able export out of Vue. Seems I’m out of luck.

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@bigboy4006, are you aware of DAZ3d’s current software offer? There are a couple of threads here on BA about it. It includes the full commercial version of Bryce 7 pro. for free, which is a landscape generator similar to vue.
Most people seem to consider vue superior, but as you’ve discovered, its very limited without a bunch of addon modules.
I’ve found Bryce plays quite niocely with blender too; allowing export of skies as hdrs, as well as trees, objects and terrains in various formats. I haven’t looked that closely, but exporting terrain materials seems limited to a couple of basic channels.

I didn’t know Daz Studios had an offer going right now. I downloaded a version of it when it was free within the last year or so, and I have yet to install it and try it. I have watch any video tutorials on it yet either, and I know there are some on YouTube. All I know is that the characters you create in DAZ3D already come rigged with an armature, which I think would make it even handier than MakeHuman, which I have already tried.

I’ll check things out with Daz3D. Sounds like something I’ll want to learn.

I’m downloading the software now, so I’ll be trying it all out. Another piece of software to play with!!!

I just got around to installing Daz Studio 4, along with Bryce 7 and Hexagon 2.5. I downloaded last year a free version of Daz Studio 3. One thing I don’t remember - in order for the programs to accept the serial numbers, they have to be copied from your account while online, then pasted the number to the serial number box. I don’t remember having to do that before. But of course, I installed Daz Studio 3 only once or twice, and never got around to using the program. I probably forgot doing just that, and I don’t remember.

Thought I’d pass this YouTube channel on to you guys. It’s for DAZ Studio in general, and includes tutorials for Daz Studio 4. I’m posting this for others who are using Daz as well as Blender.

IMO, Vue Pioneer doesn’t work well with other programs.