anyone good with photoshop?


I’m working on a project for my company and I was doing a tutorial from Blender guru with the enrgy drink and there he has created a texture to put on ther energydrink.

I need a texture for my company…Anyone can create the same size of texture but with other colours and picture…

  1. What I want is that the background is orange…The red away or if you think another colour would be great…

In stead of 100% open source the text must be: optimaliseer uw bedrijf

  1. In stead of the fire picture with the black symbol in the middle of the can I need a picture of my company.I put it in the attachement of CAT-LOGO and maybe making it white because of the orange colour of the can.

  2. In stead of the word blender I need the word: profit +

  3. In stead of powerfull fast free I need: efficiënt snel gebruiksvriendelijk

And get ridd off the 220ml

Anyone can help me out with this texture?

You can see the can on the following link:

I just need the texture of the can.Anyone can help me out pleaqe…it is quite urgent

Thank you



Dude, the logo is in orange and you want the background orange, wouldn’t it disappear?

Yes I know, but would it be possible to make the logo white

I am away from my work computer, so i made this in MS paint. Have this texture if no one else submits.


I have tyried to apply it to blender the tube and here is a screenshot…it is not perfect readable…any solution?

Whjat do you think?

try this,

The only solution to me seems to give the customers magnifier lens

Here you have the screenshot.

It is better but would it be better to mzke the symbol smaller and place it a bit higher…Think marketing…the words are not readable alle of them I mean.

It is getting better…Whet do you thin of using black letters or can you fix it…think marketing campaign :slight_smile: it is getting real good

or what about trying to animate it and let the can turn around all the time?

How about now?

I think it will be difficult to get it right…this is the screenshot from the last one

I found the solution…But I can’t get the details right…
I keep the same colour from the original…But in stead of red I would like to have it orange…and in the orange the word: catsolutions

then the orange symbol on the black can

under that in stead of blender the word: profit +

and underthat the words:


and get rid of 220ml