Anyone got facebook?

As the title suggests, has anyone got facebook?

Down with facebook.

All of my friends ask me that too, but I really really do not dig their TOS and Privacy Policy. Thus I haven’t yet given in and joined.

Yup, sure do.
Got on about 2-3 weeks ago, after swearing up and down that I wouldn’t touch it. “Facebook? No friggen way” I thought, “what a wank.”

But my experience with it has been far different from that which I expected. I’ve managed to find friends I haven’t seen in over 15 years - I just found out about 15 minutes ago that a childhood mate I’d not seen since my early 20s & his missus have had their second child today.

I used to leave the room whenever mention of MySpace came up - I still do. I guess you could say that FaceBook is somewhat analogous to MySpace - except it appears for the most part to be frequented by adults. The fun and frivolity are still present, without the endless rubbish.

I’ve received no more spam than usual & use different login details than I do anywhere else, so in terms of theirs TOS & privacy policy, it’s entirely inconsequential to me.

UP with FaceBook I say.

(Though I’m not sure that I won’t change my mind after their policy changes and people’s profiles are able to be viewed by anyone - it is supposed to be happening sometime in the next month, I just forget when. Presently, only friends or people in the same facebook ‘network’ can see your details.)

Funny. One of the big sells of Facebook was that you could decide who would see your info. Are you sure this new thing is not opt-in?

No, not really - I can’t say for sure, though I’m about 85% on this. I remember reacting strongly to the fact that after a short time just anybody would be able to view my details.

It is for just this reason that I’ve got a 27 year old photo of me eating cake on one of my birthdays. Everyone that knows me knows it’s me, anybody else can just keep guessin’:wink:

I have Facebook, I got it about a month ago. I never thought I would join, but after I had made some new friends over the summer, the only way I could keep in touch was facebook. (I know I could e-mail, but it’s easier to see pictures, videos, blogs, etc. via facebook.)
And as far as privacy, I find it more private then a few other social sites I have been on, and I guess I don’t really post any really private info on-line. If a site asks me for it I either lie, or if I have no choice but to say, I don’t join. Big thing for me is getting my profile submitted to google, I don’t want that. And since facebook has a check mark page to select how private you want to be, I don’t worry about google.

I registered, but only because that was the only way I managed to check it out. Since then I’ve had a few emails from facebook members, and realised that it is really a dating f*cking club.

facebook can be as good or as bad as people choose to make it. i for one am driven up the wall by endless stupid applications cluttering people’s pages, as well as the endless barrage of invites. but like i said, that says more about the people i know than the site itself.

The web search is limited pretty strictly to your name and school unless you have absolutely all controls turned off. I disabled the web search, even though it’s not in effect yet. No old girlfriends are getting MY number!

It’s a shame it’s got the applications now, they are incredibly annoying. I preferred the clean, simple version it was before. I use it to keep in touch with uni mates, it does its job.


You almost need it in college because it does such a good job with its events and groups and helps out a lot.

BUT these applications are FUCKING ANNOYING.