Anyone got facebook?

(mandoragon) #1

As the title suggests, has anyone got facebook?


(PlantPerson) #2

Down with facebook.


(Dan) #3

All of my friends ask me that too, but I really really do not dig their TOS and Privacy Policy. Thus I haven’t yet given in and joined.


(enhzflep) #4

Yup, sure do.
Got on about 2-3 weeks ago, after swearing up and down that I wouldn’t touch it. “Facebook? No friggen way” I thought, “what a wank.”

But my experience with it has been far different from that which I expected. I’ve managed to find friends I haven’t seen in over 15 years - I just found out about 15 minutes ago that a childhood mate I’d not seen since my early 20s & his missus have had their second child today.

I used to leave the room whenever mention of MySpace came up - I still do. I guess you could say that FaceBook is somewhat analogous to MySpace - except it appears for the most part to be frequented by adults. The fun and frivolity are still present, without the endless rubbish.

I’ve received no more spam than usual & use different login details than I do anywhere else, so in terms of theirs TOS & privacy policy, it’s entirely inconsequential to me.

UP with FaceBook I say.

(Though I’m not sure that I won’t change my mind after their policy changes and people’s profiles are able to be viewed by anyone - it is supposed to be happening sometime in the next month, I just forget when. Presently, only friends or people in the same facebook ‘network’ can see your details.)


(Dan) #5

Funny. One of the big sells of Facebook was that you could decide who would see your info. Are you sure this new thing is not opt-in?


(enhzflep) #6

No, not really - I can’t say for sure, though I’m about 85% on this. I remember reacting strongly to the fact that after a short time just anybody would be able to view my details.

It is for just this reason that I’ve got a 27 year old photo of me eating cake on one of my birthdays. Everyone that knows me knows it’s me, anybody else can just keep guessin’:wink:


(superkoop) #7

I have Facebook, I got it about a month ago. I never thought I would join, but after I had made some new friends over the summer, the only way I could keep in touch was facebook. (I know I could e-mail, but it’s easier to see pictures, videos, blogs, etc. via facebook.)
And as far as privacy, I find it more private then a few other social sites I have been on, and I guess I don’t really post any really private info on-line. If a site asks me for it I either lie, or if I have no choice but to say, I don’t join. Big thing for me is getting my profile submitted to google, I don’t want that. And since facebook has a check mark page to select how private you want to be, I don’t worry about google.


(ebow3d) #8

I registered, but only because that was the only way I managed to check it out. Since then I’ve had a few emails from facebook members, and realised that it is really a dating f*cking club.


(shteeve) #9

facebook can be as good or as bad as people choose to make it. i for one am driven up the wall by endless stupid applications cluttering people’s pages, as well as the endless barrage of invites. but like i said, that says more about the people i know than the site itself.


(shbaz) #10

The web search is limited pretty strictly to your name and school unless you have absolutely all controls turned off. I disabled the web search, even though it’s not in effect yet. No old girlfriends are getting MY number!


(IanC) #11

It’s a shame it’s got the applications now, they are incredibly annoying. I preferred the clean, simple version it was before. I use it to keep in touch with uni mates, it does its job.


(valarking) #12


You almost need it in college because it does such a good job with its events and groups and helps out a lot.

BUT these applications are FUCKING ANNOYING.