Anyone have a sample arm/hand for 2.4?

Has anyone made a useable arm/hand combination, with fingers, using the new IK and DoF toos in 2.4?

I’ve got the Orange Guy from the Orange Project just his setup is too simple (no finger joints) and I’d really like explanatory notes so I can build/modify my own rig.

A mini tute or explanaiton would be good. A blend file would be a bonus :slight_smile:

There are finger joints in that rig… they’re just hidden so they don’t get in the way.

Here’s the (scratch simple) .blend I put together to explore DoF:


Thanks Fweeb and Fligh%

I took a look a the fingers in Orange Guy - yes, I had them hidden and could only see the big, solid controller bone. I’ll take a closer look. I’ll also look at your file Fligh%.

I tried bumbling through with my existing character but couldn’t work out the DoF stuff. Sometimes it seems to do what I expect, other times not and other times nothing. Clearly it relates to IK but I can’t quite figure out how to get that to work as expected.

Anyway, I’ll persevere and get back with specific questions when my head starts aching.

where is this Orange Guy you speak of? A link would be excellent!


Thanks for this .Blend. Didn’t though about that one.

In pure interest of the subject I redid the arm of flight % with action constraint instead. You only need to select the root of the finger chain and rotate it on X. The finger will curl. Done in 10 minutes thanks to the Copy hotkey: CTRL-C select all bones you want to apply the same constraint, select the bone to take the constraint from and do CTRL-C --> constraint.
I then only needed to change target where applicable.

How It works? The finger have an action called C_Finger_roll this action is no actually used in NLA, but used by the action constraint. In this action I made an anim of the finger curling from 1-10 and unlinked it for future use. Then I added an Action constraint to all finger looking for rotation at the root of the finger’s chain. when you rotate the bone on X from 0 to -90 it will play action from 1 to 10. Time saving, just how I like them.

Blend file

Mmm… interesting. That’s new to me so I’ll play with it, thank you!