Anyone have an XBox?

(SGT Squeaks) #1

I am thinking about getting an Xbox, but I want to hear your opinions on it first before I buy one. So for those of you who have a Xbox how do you like it?

(Ecks) #2

Me I have one!:slight_smile: I like it pretty much. I have 3 games: Halo (one of the best game I ever played) , Project Gotham racing (a very good racing game) and 007: Agent under fire (a very good james bond game!). but there is good games on the gamecube too like rogue leader and there is also some pretty good game on the ps2…it is a very difficult choice…but I think you should buy one…

(SGT Squeaks) #3

have you played morrowind for the Xbox? how is it?

(rogerm3d) #4

Why not just buy a computer?
computer has large selection of good games and is more powerfull
cheers 8)

(haunt_house) #5

Computer games are a nice opportunity to earn completely worthless success. Please consider if you cannot have fun with something you can use. The xbox costs as much as a very good secondhand musical instrument, for example. :wink:


(macouno) #6


I have one and love it to bits. And as everyone knows there’s only 1 downside to it really.

It has the least ammount of games released for it. I only own DOA3 and HALO currently, but seeing as unreal, mech assault & counterstrike 2 are coming out on xbox… it promises greatness.

I can honestly say that looking at Halo and Doa3. it really outperforms PS2.

haven’t played morrowwind. I may rent it as soon as they get it at the video store.

Only thing I can honestly say is… I don’t regret going for the xbox for a minute.

1 thing to be aware of though. If you’re planning (or desire) to take your system online and play other people. XBOX live is geared for people with a minimum of 256k up and downstream. PS2 doesn’t have that requirement. But then… if you can go online with the xbox… everyone will be on level pegging.

And why a console in stead of pc? Cause I got tired of having to look at the requirements on the back of every pc game’s box. I buy an xbox game… and I know it’ll run perfectly. And a new xbox is loads cheaper than a new pc that allows you to game at the same level.

X-Warrior… if yer in the netherlands perhaps we should meet up… hook our boxes together and have us a halo frenzy :wink:

(SGT Squeaks) #7

ok, I bought an XBox yesturday. I also bought HALO, now that is a sweet game!!! one of my friends and I were tearing throught the campaign game, its sweet!!! The reason I didn’t buy an new comp instead is because my current comp works perfect for modeling, but when it comes to games it just to slow. And thats the only reason I would need a new comp, to play games, and to spend $900 on a new comp just to play games is a waste. So I payed $200 for a XBox which has some really sweet games!! Plus it has some cool games coming out.

(SGT Squeaks) #8

Oh, and do any of you know if it will be possible to play HALO on XBox live?

(Ecks) #9

sorry man I live in quebec (canada) …and I dont have enough money to go the netherland…sorry! some day ago I make a ‘lan’ party with my friends…we were 16 to play halo! that was so cool!

(rwv01) #10

No X-Box but I do have a 1978 Atari Video Pinball console!
It has seven built in games all related to Pong. It’s actually fun to play!
Pure hand eye coordination.

(SGT Squeaks) #11

Holy Cow!!! :o Those things are classic.

(rogerm3d) #12

Atari and those other systems
Now those had good games
Ones that were fun to play
Not just having really amazing graphics and effects
The old systems games were just pure fun to play

(macouno) #13

About playing Halo on xbox live.

No it won’t be possible, halo’s not built for online gaming. But there’s a trick. You can play halo on a lan network. And there is tunneling software out there that lets you simulate a local lan network online.
So actually, all games on xbox that you can play on lan you can also play online, through either the gamespy tunnel ( ) and or through xbconnect ( )

I tried installing xbconnect on my system but it won’t work, gamespy does though it’s hard to find people close enough to me to play without lag… me being european. And not that many have both xbox and the tunnel software installed… and are awake at the time of night I’m up for a game :wink:

But but but… What will be on xbox live is HALO2 (once it’s out) And Unreal Trounament, Counterstrike 2, mech assault, need for speed and lots more.

(blengine) #14

ewwww xboox… actually i dont have one =) but was seriously considering buying one, or buying a gamecube justfor super mario sunshine! that game looks fanatastic… then again, ps2 is sweeet…hmm, ive got a hard decision to make, maybe ill wait till i get some money

(rwv01) #15

I took it to Radio Shack and they helped me find a new power supply, RF switch, and vedeo line-in adaptor (audio is a just speaker in the console that goes blip blip). I tried to sell it on eBay unfortunatly it got listed right below one that was all origional and still had the box! Damn the luck!
Anyway here are the pics. It has pinball paddles on the sides. It plays great too!
Marvel at those graphics!

(SGT Squeaks) #16

That atari pinball is awesome!!! I’ll bet you get hours and hours of fun out of it. I remember back in the golden days of console games when I had my nintendo (original, not super of 64). I played mario for hours!!! Back then it was all about game play.

Well, I will give you the low down since I looked it all up recently while I was deciding between a PS2, gamecube, and xbox. First off when it comes to graphics the Xbox spanks. Here is a link to some system specs. Now since that is an Xbox page I figured that they changed things so the xbox would sound better than the others. But if you do some research the specs for all the systems are the correct specs. (No exagerations) Now the plus side for the PS2 is game selection. The PS2 has a ton of sweet games out for it, and a ton more coming. The xBox has a few good games out, but not nearly as much as the PS2. But it has some nice ones coming. (Doom3 for example). Now the gamecube is in the middle of those two systems, it has good graphics!! Better than the PS2. And it has more games than the XBox, but not as many as PS2. So there you go!! Of course you do have to have money before you can do anything. :wink:

(rwv01) #17

Well I don’t have a whole lot of time to play it really. My Brother is the real gamer. He still plays his old “NES”. Why not it’s only about 16 years old! :slight_smile: (rebuilt controlers of coarse, you know the buttons wore out)

Check this out on eBay! (not mine)

(SGT Squeaks) #18

:o PONG!!! :o I LOVE IT!!! :smiley:

(mrmunkily) #19

gamecube controllers suck.
sorry, they just do.

original n64 controllers i thin were the best designed ever.

the new consoles are too much like computers for me. just get a pc.

(rwv01) #20

Man! He let it go for $13.52!!