Anyone have Cryptomatte working consistently with an external compositor?

I’m trying to get Cryptomatte working with Fusion and am having no luck.

I’ve got the latest build of Cryptomatte 1.2.5 in Fusion but I can’t get a consistent result. If I create a basic scene with like 3 objects I can get it to work. Which tells me that it can work…

Only problem is, with my actual scene I get an error about a missing manifest every time no matter what I do. I’m aware of the File Output node issue. I’m having no luck even with exporting view the Output panel with no compositing.

I’m also interested in Cryptomatte to Fusion as I’ve had the same issue with the missing manifest.

What is the File Output node issue you aware of?

It’s a known issue that you won’t get correct Cryptomatte passes via the File Output node.

But I’m also not getting consistent results using the regular Output either.


Thank you for the link. I had a hard time with this, now I know why.

As for the issue with the output render I’ll give it a try.
In the cryptomatte thread it seems there’s people who got this working. When I asked at the time no one replied.