anyone have tips/advice on 2d animation on a 3d environment

Hi Im a new blenderer. Im still feeling around in the program but have taken a liking to the toon shading techniques and tutorials I have found on the net for blender.

I was curious though. Has anyone done animation or imagery of 2d objects in a 3d space?

I think an animation like this would be pretty cool. Kinda like how the game paper mario was done, or perhaps how old japanimation was made using textured/shaded 2d pieces on planes and animating those specifc planes to create a sense of movement.

Does anyone kinda understand my approach here?

This is going to sound bad … but really, it’s all I have to offer … ignore the Z axis. Also, although it needs some work, this video is done in 2D. It is 49.6 meg in size (right click link and “Save As …”), but it demonstrates that it can be done. The animator is relatively new to Blender, so keep a stiff upper lip and dive in. :smiley:

cool ill give it a download. on ISDN so it will take a while.

Are there any specfic plugins or scrpts that you found helpful or did you merely just put in the elbow grease?

I’m sorry, I should have explained that I am not the animator. It is a young woman who made a 2D animation for her neice. Here is the original thread:

Perhaps you can post in that topic and she will respond to you. I personally don’t know of any scripts or plugins that might help in your quest. You might do a search on both Google and here at Elysiun. I am indeed working on animation, but I have “limited” myself to 3D … rofl … just a little joke.

Again, sorry for the misunderstanding.

Good luck, and welcome to the Blender community.

I’ve done a fair amount of 2D animation in Blender. As DYeater said, try to ignore the z-axis… except for the cases when you need things to overlap.

Not much for plugins or scripts… it’s mostly armwrestling to get things to work the way you want. You’ll likely live in the IPO window and UV Editor. I have an example of something I’ve done floating around here somewhere. If you’re interested, I’ll post a link.