Anyone heard of 3dbuzz?

I don’t know how many of you have visited, but its a great forum, and the team that runs it, makes amazing video tutorials for professional apps, 3dsmax, maya, houdini, unreal engine, photoshop, etc.

and if you guys ever get a chance to view some of their videos, the quality is unmatched. The way they teach, doesnt put you to sleep. and most of their videos are free, though unfortunatly some arent :/. Recently they released an 82 hour maya fundamentals course.

I am trying to point out that, i have heard the blender community wanting to get more video tutorials etc up, and i think this is a great example, also they have been saying that, since they are part of the community, they ask for users to make their own video tutorials, and that they would bring them down to their studio, (usa) and do such recordings.

(and if we could ever convince them to create an 82hour blender fundamentals course, :o , they also have a small blender section, under other applications XD, and i mean small, it could use some help)

sure have:

Yeah, I help out at the 3dBuzz forums now I’m a blenderHead. I used to be a contributor in my Maya days - and now I’m getting to know blender, I can help out there too.

Speaking of video tutorials, there are a lot of good ones here, but you can never have too many - especially with 2.4 so close to release.

BTW I’m ‘BigAnimator’ over there. Joined in may 2002.

In short, 3Dbuzz lacks a Blender Forum or some decent Blender section. Bye bye 3Dbuzz!

actually alvaro, 3dbuzz HAS a blender thread, its under, “other applications” on the menu bar to the left. and gmanx, yeah ive only really seen your name up in that forum, so hopefully we can the blender forum out, and spark more interest over at 3dbuzz.

and even if you dont want to view the forum, please look at the video tutorials. The videos that came out of both blender conferences, though there good, the video and audio quality is terrible, so hopefully this can set a bar to what we are looking for.

I stopped going there when Mac users started getting guff for wanting videos in a more mac friendly format.

AVI isn’t Mac friendly?

You might want to check them out again, deomacius. They use the .rar format to compress their videos, which automatically expands with Stuffit Expander. (Or did that work after downloading a .rar decoder? Now I can’t remember if I had gotten around to downloaded that or not.) You’re right in that the site does seem very PC-centric, although they do have a Mac section with some helpful forum regulars there.

Anyway, I have found their video tuts very informative and enjoyable and it’s interesting to see techniques performed in other apps and trying to translate them over to Blender. Not to mention that Buzz, Zak, and the others seem friendly and dedicated to 3D graphics education.

AVI isn’t Mac friendly?[/quote]
I remember that they started using the XviD format for their videos. You just need to get a video player like VLC to play them. I’d hope that 3D Buzz would at least mention some Mac programs that will play their files.