Anyone interested in constructing a Chinese sprite?


Is anyone interested in modeling this 2D sprite into 3D?


I’ll try :slight_smile:
what is it for?

is it copyrighted?

I don’t think I can do the Uv-texture but I could easily make a projected still model, and then I don’t know how to bake it to a texture, but I know it can be done, :slight_smile:

It is copyrighted . And we can pay for the work though not much.
If you can do the work , we can disguss for the payment and then you start the work.

Sorry for not explaining it clearly in the first post. The text area seems not working properly in firefox.I have to write my text elsewhere and paste it into the text area.

Do you need a rigged model? or a still? I can fire either out fast, but a scope of work is required,
a still model-Fast
, A rig-Fastish,
if its a animation, If you need a walk cycle, jump, climb etc, I can do that as well, but it may take up to a week, Do you have the original uv textures? I can probably make an exact duplicate if you do, and do you own the copyright?

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Thank you for your reply.
I have sent you an email.
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