Anyone interested in doing some work?

I am wondering if someone would be willing to model a robot with a very close similarity to the ns5 robot from I, robot. The head would be different, as would the hands and other various things. (I have pictures for these)

Pictures are attached of what the ns5 looks like, and the type of quality i’m looking for. (not quite that good, but close)

Compensation for you efforts will be made. If interested please PM me or post here.




lol. that request is really sad

and doesnt even belong to this forum

So this is like a ‘please make my model and possibly texture and shade it for me’ request.

If you want to learn Blender, you need to learn to model. So go and read some tutorials and make it yourself.:slight_smile:

I saw it posted in modelling where someone suggested he post in WIP, just to be fair.

Who’d suggest that, isn’t WIP for works you’re working on and not for works you want other people to work on? To improve yes but to do it for them?

First off thanks for your comments. I agree doing this on my own would be a good step, of course tryin to fly before you can even breathe could pose quite a problem. I don’t really have the couple of years it will take to get good enough to create something like that. (of course I will continue to improve, see my first real project post a couple lines up)

This was more of a job offer. To be frank I didn’t know where the heck to post it. I was offering compensation (whether that be money or recognition in it’s use).

Trust me, I will be sticking with Blender. After it’s been modeled, textured, and rigged, it will be altered, learned from, and above all else put to use.

I can understand how I request like this here would be kind of annoying, but I just figured there is a lot of talent on here, anyone could do this infinitely better than me. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying to do it myself. Can’t pay for game characters forever. If it matters I have sketched and digitally drawn a series of this already. I saw Blender as a new way to ligthen the load and improve graphic quality.

Anyway thanks for any and all comments/thoughts/criticism.


ah, so its gonna be for a game?