Anyone into Gothic architecture?

I know what you’re thinking, go back to the Modeling forum, but this isn’t really a modeling-related question. More of an architectural one. I’ve been trying to build a gothic arch with all the details and stuff, and everything fits perfectly except for two things. The small circle intersects with the arches, and I can’t find the correct radius for the outer arch. It doesn’t intersect with the top of the figure.(second image) Is there anybody on this forum with a bit of knowledge on gothic architecture who can help me out?

I think you will have to dive into Vitruvius :smiley:

I assume you’re talking about the circle that’s in edit mode?

Yes. I think I should’ve made that more clear.

Marcus Vitruvius?

Woohah, 2000 years later and still no better Guru for this topic. If Vitruvius knew, that did screw him a :RocknRoll: on. Funny.