anyone know a good car-modelling tutorial video ?

[color=cyan]hi, does anyone know where to find site with a good tutorial video about modelling cars?
i checked the tutorial list, but found no site which either exists anymore or offers a video.

i am new with blender and i would find most fun learning with blender by modelling and styling cool car.

can anyone help me who understands my desire?


Man, i’v been looking all day for one LOL! hope someone can find/make one :wink:

the blender site has tutorials on cars but they are not videos.

since cars take awhile, you may be hard pressed to find one thats a video

This is very good, and still applicable to blender.

box modelling a car

I hope you’re planning on modelling the veyron? mmmmmm 1001 horses…

Try looking at the last post by Arnie. It’s quite a long tut - not video…