Anyone know of any free video software?

Hey all.
I’m interested in creating a short movie just for practise and learning animation tools, and i was wondering if there was any free video programs like final cut pro or after effects that can do things like overlay avi’s and such.

To be even more picky i only have a 400meg limit on my internet so a 300 meg file wont do me much good.

Thanks guys

You could use Blender, Cinelerra or Jahshaka for instance.

There’s also Wax (win only) & ZS4.

If you’re using a Mac, you might like to try this:

Not sure what exactly you are looking for, but Gimp with GAP (Gimp Animation Package) can do some interesting stuff…kinda steep learning curve, tho.

Theres always Virtual Dub with AVISynth for some editing. They can do some cool things combined. AVISynth is a scripting language for editing movies and Virtual Dub can open those scripts and render them to .avi files. Google them both to check them out.